CosPA 2009


In recent years, the rapidly developing fields of cosmology and particle astrophysics have advanced our understanding of the Universe in exciting ways. Cutting edge technology is allowing us to explore the history of the Universe to very early times: epochs at which both fundamental particle physics and general relativity play crucial roles.

The International Symposia on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (CosPA) are world leading conferences hosted by institutions in the Asia Pacific Region, including from mainland China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia. CosPA 2009 will be held at the University of Melbourne, Australia on November 18-20th. Subsequent conferences in the CosPA series are scheduled to be hosted by Japan and China.

Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics

18-20 November 2009, University of Melbourne, Australia

Monash University will be holding a workshop on Data Analysis with the Fermi Space Telescope shortly after CosPA 2009.


First Announcement:

Monash University, Clayton Campus

November 23-24, 2009

This workshop will introduce participants to specific details of

reduction and analysis of data obtained by the Fermi space telescope

(formerly GLAST), as well as some general aspects of high-energy

astronomy. Launched June 11, 2008, Fermi's mission is to explore the

most extreme environments in the universe, via it's primary instrument,

the Large Area Telescope (LAT). Sensitive to photons in the 20 MeV-300

GeV range, the LAT offers sensitivity and angular resolution superior to

any previous instrument covering these energies. As of August 25, 2009,

the Fermi Science Support Center has released the first year of

observational data, and new observations are being continually added to

the archive.

Topics covered will include:

    * general aspects of high-energy data analysis

    * introduction to the LAT instrument

    * high-energy emission mechanisms

    * the analysis tools; standard analysis selections & calculating


    * walkthroughs of analysis of 3C 454.3 and LS I +61 303, including

          o light curves

          o model creation

          o spectral fitting

The chief presenter will be Richard Dubois, Science Computing

Coordinator for the LAT and co-leader of the LAT binaries science

working group (see e.g.

Additional material will be presented by Alina Donea, Duncan Galloway &

Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway (Monash). A substantial part of the workshop

will be set aside for "hands-on" analysis by participants, and

workstations will be made available for this purpose. As a result,

places are strictly limited, so please indicate your wish to attend by


stating your name, affiliation, and status (student/other). The cost for

the workshop will be $50 for students, and $100 otherwise, payable by

credit card; details will be sent once registrations are confirmed.

Workshop on Data Analysis with the Fermi Space Telescope

Thank you to all speakers and participants for making CosPA 2009 a great success.

We hope to see you all again in Tokyo next year!

A larger version of the conference photo is available here (4.9 MB)