TPP alumni

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PhD students

Name PhD Year Subsequent position
Rebecca Leane
Supervisor: N. Bell
2017 Postdoc at MIT, USA
Amelia Brennan
Supervisor: E. Barberio and N. Bell
2017 Data Analyst
Jackson Clarke
Supervisor: R. Volkas
Peter Cox
Supervisor: T. Gherghetta
2016 Postdoc at IPMU, U.Tokyo, Japan
Ben Callen
Supervisor: R. Volkas
Iason Baldes
Supervisor: N. Bell and R. Volkas
2015 Postdoc at DESY, Germany
Nadine Pesor
Supervisor: R. Volkas
2014 Quantitative Analyst at ANZ
Ahmad Galea
Supervisor: N. Bell
2013 Postdoc at University of Oslo, Norway
Jayne Thompson
Supervisor: R. Volkas
2012 Postdoc at National University of Singapore
Thomas Jacques
Supervisor: N. Bell
2011 Postdoc at Arizona State U., USA;
Postdoc at U.Geneva, Switzerland;
Postdoc at SISSA, Italy
Damien George
Supervisor: R. Volkas
2009 Postdoc at Nikhef, Netherlands
Sandy Law
Supervisors: R Volkas and N. Bell
2009 Postdoc at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


Name Years at U. of Melbourne Subsequent position
Yi Cai
2012-2017 Faculty at Sun Yat-sen University, China
James Barnard
Andrew Spray
2012-2015 Postdoc at Institute for Basic Science, Daejeon, Koria
Anibal Medina
2012-2015 Postdoc at IPhT, Saclay, France;
Faculty at La Plata U., Argentina
Michael Schmidt
2010-2014 Lecturer at U. Sydney, Australia
Kalliopi Petraki
2009-2012 Postdoc at NIKHEF, Amsterdam;
Faculty at LPTHE, Paris
Benedict von Harling
2008-2012 Postdoc at SISSA, Italy
Donatello Dolce
Archil Kobakhidze
2007-2012 Faculty at U. Sydney, Australia
Nicholas Setzer
2008-2011 Postdoc at U. Granada, Spain
Shrihari Gopalakrishna
2010 Faculty at Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India.

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